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Services offered:

  • Sealcoating
  • Pothole Repair
  • Alligator Crack Repair
  • Oxidized Asphalt Repair
  • Crack Repair


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Recent Work

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Brookfield Crack repair and sealcoating
Brookfield Sinkhole repair/Sealcoating
Janesville repair/sealcoating
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Protecting your paving asset is a great value!

Sealing worn, cracked and damaged asphalt prevents injury, lawsuits and improves curb appeal.  Sealcoating will double the life of your asphalt saving you thousands. 

Sealcoating in Milwaukee 

call (262) 746-5750

Residential driveway and parking areas

With our residential driveway sealcoating we will edge as needed and clean the driveway in preparation for treatment.  Next, we fix cracks making a durable rubberized repair which can prevent problems such as potholes and damage to the base underneath.  Once that is complete, we will start sealcoating the driveway with Emulsion Sealer.  It will take a day to set before use.  Regular maintenance to your asphalt is critical for longevity and will save on costly repairs from neglect.


Here at Asphalt Solutions and Sealcoating we use Asphalt Emulsion Sealer.  Derived from asphalt, this sealcoating material was initially developed due to environmental issues and new regulations established by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 




Sealcoating in the Janesville area

call (608) 751-2390

Small and Midsize commercial

Repairing parking areas and entries to commercial property is critical for curb appeal and for public safety! 

Without proper sealcoating and crack repair damage will occur due to the higher traffic and can reduce the life of your asphalt by over half! Damaged asphalt is dangerous and may cause accidents or even injuries.

Curb appeal to the public may be the reason people drive by without stopping or don't shop at your business so it's critical to keep the well maintained look from the street!

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